What makes YOU beautiful?

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Dear Peeps,

We are ALL insecure. We allow our insecurities to invade our minds and alter our self-perception. We destroy our self-confidence and replace it with unrealistic goals. These “goals” are formulated by the media. Each day our eyes are subjected to images that are beyond impractical.

My whole life I struggled with insecurities. Constantly comparing myself to every model or idolized figure. Thinking beauty was strictly physical and that I needed to live up to society’s qualifications.

This beauty stereotype has always been present in the entertainment industry (tv, movies, music) as well as in advertising and print media. But social media (especially Instagram) has taken this unreal notion of beauty to a whole new extreme. Social media has set a precedent for beautiful and assigned it only physical qualities. My explore page is flooded with women with flat tummies, small waists, long legs, peachy butts, thick eyebrows, shiny hair, plumpy lips, and all that jazz. You could literally be on Instagram for ten minutes and decide it’s time for a nose job, Botox, a tummy tuck, and implants. It’s outrageous because many of these “goals” you see are achieved with procedures or Photoshop. But why? Why do we still feel the need to try to live up to these superficial expectations? Why do we feel the need to lie about ourselves for the sake of our followers? Most importantly, why is beauty categorized strictly physical?

Beauty is more than physical. It’s emotional and spiritual. It’s not just about your eyes or ass, it’s about your heart and your mind too! True beauty comes from within you. It’s your qualities, values, and all the lovely things you can offer the world. Have you ever met someone insanely beautiful from the outside and then realize there personality does not add up to those physical features? I know I have encountered situations just like that. It’s not like they have no soul or they have a bad soul. I believe they have just been so focused on attracting people with there physically beauty that it led them to loss touch with their inner self. They need to be reminded that good hearts and a beautiful mind are even more attractive! 😉

I know it’s difficult. I still catch myself from time to time comparing myself to that superficial idea of beauty. I have definitely come a long way and that’s why I am sharing this with you. Since my progress, I must admit I feel more complete, positive, and overall healthier. I’m learning to fall a little bit more in love with myself each and every day. I know I’m beautiful because I’m strong minded and intelligent.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you to stop looking, analyzing, and comparing because we will always be guilty of that. I’m sitting here telling you to accept your uniqueness and if you do want to lose 10 pounds, get contacts, or contour the shit out of your face then do it but do it for YOU because YOU want to not because Instagram says so!

We are all beautiful people and we all have greatness to share with others. We need to stop following this SUPERFICIAL idea of beautiful. Do not let them tear you down. Do not let your insecurities control you. Do not let the media set your goals. Be in control of YOURSELF, set YOUR own goals, and follow YOUR own definition of beauty because society’s definition of beauty is ugly AF!

Whenever your self-esteem goes out the window just take a moment to think. Instead of creating a laundry list of things you hate about yourself, just ask yourself this…. what do I love about myself? What makes me beauty? Remind yourself of these answers each day and remember it doesn’t always have to be physical!




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