You Are Here.

You Are Here Quote

Dear Peeps,

Have you ever found yourself stressing about what has yet to come, have you ever found yourself torturing your mind for mistakes of the past? I think it’s safe to say we are all guilty of that. What about the present? What about right now? Does right now even matter to you? Probably not because your to busy replaying the past and premeditating your future!

Too many of my days are spent on thinking about the past or worrying about the future. My mind is like a train. An express train. It rides back and fourth between two stops. My past and my future. Sometimes I’m able to stop it and get off but other times I’m not. When I think of my past, I think of pain and tears associated with unfortunate events. When I daydream about my future, I think of those events reoccurring on top of the many other uncertainties that I may or may not encounter on my next chapters of life.

The reason why it’s easy to revert to the past is because it’s all you know. It’s the only contextual evidence you have that can foster a decision or prediction. The only weapon you have against the unknown, your future. It’s pointless to worry about the past because it’s OVER. You can never go back to the past so, why waste brain cells on that shit? It’s okay to think about what worked well in a past experience or what you could of did to make it a better experience if necessary. What isn’t okay for you to do is to allow your past to define you or allow it too consume your mind whenever it feels like it. You need to let that train go.

The future is even easier for our minds to travel to because of it is the unknown. As humans we are naturally curious, impatient and anxious of the unknown. We need certainty. We need to feel secure. We need to be in control. But the thing is, we can never get any of those things. Instead of living in the moment, we occupy our minds with worries about things that are irrelevant at the moment that not to mention may totally change due to the endless amount of factors that contribute to it’s outcome. It’s pointless to worry about the future because it hasn’t arrived yet! It’s okay to think about your next steps like where you’ll work five years from now, when you’ll get married, where your going to live next and all that fun stuff. What’s not okay, is for you to allow the thoughts of the future to invade your mind and cause worry or stress to the point you forgot how to enjoy the now.

The present is a gift. Live in the right now because it’s the only time you’re promised. It’s the only time you have control of your life and that’s what we wanted before right? Certainty, security and control.

Truth is you can only fight the battles of today. So stop worrying about the facts of yesterday and fears of tomorrow. Enjoy today and remember you are entirely control of your thoughts.



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