You Always Have Time

You always have time for the things you put first

Dear Peeps,

Since the New Year has begun, I have been hardcore goal setting. Aside from all the greatness I wish to achieve in 2018, there’s one overall goal…………….

Time. Time. Time.

Reflecting back on 2017, I realized I constantly used “I don’t have time” as the excuse for not doing the things I wanted to do. It’s not “I don’t have time” its more like “I don’t want to make time.” I literally convinced myself that I was to busy to take on other challenges but what I was really doing was holding myself hostage from bettering myself and enjoying life.

Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize.

This year, I’m aiming to prioritize my time better so that I can be proactive and reach those goals. It’s so easy to get distracted or lazy- I GET IT! But once you figure out what means most to you, want deserves more of your time and want deserves less of your time- do WHATEVER you need to do to let it happen! Truth is, we always have time for the things we put first. The problem is we choose not to put these things first. Of course, school, work and all the other baggage that comes with adulthood takes up majority of our time but that doesn’t mean the little time you have can’t be used wisely. Maybe you wish to see an old friend or you want to attend this yoga class or maybe you just want to sleep in because you feel sleep deprived. Whatever it is, it can happen as long as you make room for it to happen.

I wish to make time for exercise. I used to make it a point to make the gym at least five times a week. I know that’s not going to happen now but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to happen at all. I plan on reserving three times a week in my schedule for exercise. I will be able to attain this goal because I did want to make time for it and that makes all the difference!

What goals do you want to make more time for this year?



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