Random Acts of Kindness Challenge

Hello everyone!

National Random Act of Kindness Day is February 17th. I know that’s like two week away but I decided to turn this one day celebration into a fun #30Day challenge. Every single day should be random act of kindness day but for the month of February I will complete at least one act of kindness a day. It’s amazing how one little thing can brighten up someone’s day!

I encourage you all to participate with me and aim to make a difference. I know you’re probably thinking this chick is crazy “I’m only one person, how could I possibly change the world?” But what’s really crazy is that you actually could help change the world.


We go through life getting caught up in situations of frustration and stress and neglect all the little things. In reality, it’s the little things that make the big things not so bad. The way you express yourself to the world can change the world.  Vibes are contagious. So, the way you represent yourself to people impacts them. For example, I naturally always smile at people because I don’t know what they’re feeling and what there going through but I do know that my smile could be the reason why there day got a just a tiny bit better.

For the next 30 days take a moment out of your day to think of a kind act you can engage in. It could literally be anything that’s warm hearted, thoughtful, caring or helpful. I included a list below of some ideas but feel free to do whatever your heart desires. Not only will you be sending positive vibes to someone else but you’ll be sending them to yourself as well. There no better feeling than knowing you made someone else smile. Doing good deeds always make me feel like a better and stronger woman.

Remember, you don’t have to share your challenge on social media for ALL to see if you don’t want to. I usually NEVER share any kind deeds I do simply because I don’t want to put people in awkward positions or come off showy if that makes any sense. I do kind things out of the goodness of my heart. Plus, the best things are always left unsaid.

But for this challenge, I plan on using Instagram as a platform to spread the word about Random Act of Kindness Day and how important kindness is. No better way to encourage people to join by reminding them everyday about how significant they are to changing the world.

35 Acts of Kindness

  1. Smile at people you cross paths with on your way to work/school.
  2. Greet the person you share the elevator with.
  3. Give your seat up on the train.
  4. Hold the door open.
  5. Buy a homeless person a meal or give them one of your extra coats to keep warm!
  6. Hang up signs with kind and motivational quotes in noticeable places like a bathroom.
  7. Pay for the person behind you in Starbucks & wish them a good day.
  8. Pay for someone’s gas by leaving a gift card at a gas pump.
  9. If it snows, don’t just shovel your property. Shovel your neighbors property.
  10. Reach out to an old friend. Ask how there doing and make sure their alright.
  11. Tip your waitress extra.
  12. Bake your loved ones their favorite cake just because!
  13. Leave money in the ATM machine slot for the next person.
  14. Visit an animal adoption center & adopt a new friend. If you can’t adopt them, then play with them because they don’t get to play with people to much. 😦
  15. If someone you know is feeling down, send them a positive text message.
  16. Help that lost tourist at the subway station find their destination. (I feel terrible when I see tourist trying to read those huge MTA train maps!)
  17. Donate blood.
  18. Donate books you already read or have no interest in reading anymore.
  19. Keep a lonely person company.
  20. Give your parking spot away to the person waiting behind you.
  21. Leaving your change in the vending machine for the next person.
  22. Write up some good reviews about your local coffee shops & restaurants. Support them!
  23. Offer someone else a mint or piece of gum.
  24. Offer a sick person some tissues and cough drops.
  25. Help someone who’s shorter than you reach someone on the top shelf at a store.
  26. Pay for your friends Uber.
  27. Have a top that your friend loves, let them borrow it for a night or even keep it.
  28. Tell your loved ones how much they truly mean to you.
  29. Laugh at people’s jokes even when they aren’t that funny.
  30. See people or couples struggling to take a selfie ? Offer to take the picture for them.
  31. When you receive good customer service, tell the manager how accommodating and kind their employee was to you!
  32. Volunteer ANYWHERE!
  33. Leave a nice note in you book rental for the next person to find.
  34. Befriend someone.
  35. Someone’s having difficulty parking? Direct them into a parking spot.


Hope I sprinkled some inspiration on you for the month of February. Remember to engage in self-kindness this month as well. You must be kind to yourself just as kind as you are to others. So, get that sixty minute facial, get that pedicure and read your favorite book this month because you deserve to treat yourself kindly.

Be happy & be kind.

Don’t be shy & drop a line!



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