Valentine’s Day rant + Rose Petal Face Mask <3


Happy Valentine’s Day!



Today is a very special holiday. It’s the holiday of LOVE. Not just love between couples but between family and friends. It’s the perfect time to let someone know how much you love them, care about them and appreciate them.

Once February 14th comes around, a lot of mood shifts occur. Some people begin to feel lonely and wish they had a partner to celebrate the holiday with. Some people begin to get nervous about where they stand with whoever has been taking up romantic space in their life. Some people even start to get stressed out about buying something for their valentine.

The truth is anyone can be your valentine and you most definitely can have more than one valentine. It’s not about having a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or husband. It’s not about who gets who what or who takes who where.  It’s ONLY about genuine love. Love for yourself,  parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, co-workers and everyone whom you consider a loved one.

So don’t sit in your bed, eat ice cream and complain about how much your “love life” sucks because you’re alone on Valentine’s Day. You do love someone. We all love someone. And most importantly YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I know you’re probably like what does this girl know about being alone on v-day, she is madly in love with her boyfriend and what not. You’re right I am madly in love with my boyfriend and I won’t be alone for today’s celebration but you don’t have to be alone and mope. Before my boyfriend came around, my parents, sisters and best friend were all my valentines and that has not changed. Once my boyfriend came around, he got added to my list of valentines. Although I’ll be spending the day with him, I will be thinking about all my family and friends and letting them know how much they actually mean to me.

Screw the “necessary requirement” of being in a relationship to celebrate today and the lavish dinners, fancy chocolates and flowers that go with today. Go tell your loved ones how you feel and embrace today as a holiday of all types of LOVE.



I purchased this Kocostar rose petal face mask at Target for about $6 or so. I couldn’t find the Target link for you but I did find it on sale at Nasty Girl  . I thought I would share this in honor of V-DAY. As many of you know, I am a huge fan on face masks but I am very picky on packaged masks because a lot of the time they contain chemicals. I usually avoid this by just creating my own face masks usings natural ingredients from home but I decided to give this one a try because what the heck?!


Rose Mask Sheet by Kocostar (Korean Skincare)

It does contain ingredients that aren’t my top picks but I still enjoyed the mask. I laid the petal sheets on my face as shown in the picture. They sat on my face for about 20 minutes. Once I removed them I massaged all the excess formula into my skin. I immediately noticed that my skin looked a little bit more glowly, firmer and hydrated. I probably won’t religiously purchase it  just because I hate when skin care product contain chemicalish ingredients. Did I really just say chemicalish? Definitely made that word up- OH WELL! But in terms of being effective it most deff was!


Overall, this mask was just a cool and cute way to be festive for Valentines Day. Until next valentines day……..

Don’t be shy & drop a line!



P.S.- I love each and everyone of you and appreciate you for reading my blog.

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