No Support, No Problem.

**This post is dedicated to anyone who has ever been afraid of following their heart because of the lack of support that surrounds them.**

“Sometimes the people around you might not understand your journey. They don’t need to, it’s NOT for them.” -Unknown

My entire life I’ve worried about what others thought of me. What will they say if I do this or what will they think if I do that? As I gotten older, that’s altered a bit and I’ll explain how a little later. I’m not going to sit here and be one of those people (no offense) that says “I don’t care what people think” because then I’d be lying and that would totally crush the purpose behind Just Jay.


A little over 3 months ago, I started this blog. For 2+ years I debated if I should do it because I was worried of what people would think or say about me. I debated putting myself out there because I was afraid. I was afraid of not having anyone on the sidelines. I sat in my bed almost every night wondering who would support my journey and who would make my blog into a good laughing session with their friends.

Obviously, I built up the strength and the courage to look past the judgement of others. I did it for me, myself, I and you too! I wanted to prove to myself that I was bold enough to follow my heart and I wanted my words to be able to help anyone who needs a little boost.

I was lucky enough to have a mini support system when I decided to embark my journey. I was hoping that my support team would grow tremendously as I started getting followers. I caught myself getting a little to wrapped up with gaining support and Instagram followers that I started to forget why I even started this shit. I started it for ME. This is my journey, not anyone else’s. Yes, having a lot love & support is awesome but at the end of the day this blog is my hobby and I love it so I don’t care whose Team Jay and who’s not. I may not have 10k followers listening to what I have to say but that’s okay because I know there’s at least one person listening to me, following my every move and cheering me on. 🙂

It took a little bit of time for me to accept this. People that I thought would understand my journey and support it didn’t show much love but then people that I would of never thought in a million years would support showed an abundance of love.

There might be people that talk shit about my blog. Remember earlier when I told you I would explain how I altered my views… Well, I still care about what others think to a certain extent because I am human and that’s natural but I do not let what they think or say stop me from doing what I want. That’s the change and that change has made all the difference in my life.


Don’t let the opinions of others dictate your next move. Once you make that move, don’t look back. Whoever is with you is with you. Whoever isn’t with you, isn’t with you.  It’s normal to want the support of other around you but remember you’re just as important and powerful by yourself.

Whether there’s 1 person cheering you on or 100 people cheering you on, don’t play your game any different. Do what makes you happy and purse your journey.


You could paddle by yourself and still make it safe to land. Yes, it maybe a little more difficult but you can do it.

The conquest of your journey is NOT invested in them and there support, it’s invested within yourself.

Special thanks to everyone who supported me in the launch of my blog and everyone who continues to show it love. I am grateful for each and everyone one of you. Love you!<3

Don’t be shy & drop a line!




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